Roofs are constantly under attack by climatic phenomena, structural movement and tension, as well as chemical substances present in the atmosphere. Even though normal wearing will occur on any kind of roof surface, small problems derived by negligence, abuse, contamination, errors o accidents can cause costly repairs or even premature failure of the roofing system if not detected on time. A regular routine inspection and maintenance will allow to detect the smallest problem before they become larger thus avoiding interruptions in the company’s operations, and guarding your investment.

The best way to ensure your roof’s longevity is to periodically run inspection and maintenance. With time, dust and other contaminants adhere to the membranes causing it to lose its reflectiveness. To avoid this, pressure washing the membranes periodically by an authorized professional is highly recommended, not just to avoid contaminants but to detect any risk early.

The longevity of a roof depends on three things:

  1. Quality waterproofing system and adequate design
  2. Expert qualified installation
  3. Routine inspections by authorized experts

Our Services:

  • Inspections: We’ll recommend actions to take to preserve your roof’s performance.
  • Maintenance: Canal’s cleaning, BAP and pressure washing.
  • Leak treatment: We fix any kind of leakage on any kind of roofing system.