Single Ply Waterproofing

Membranes for single ply roofs have grown in popularity over the last 30 years due to its flexibility, ease of installation and competitive price. Concern for the environment and an emphasis on energy conservation have become in a key issue, and singly ply membranes offer a great solution: Light color reflective surfaces offer significant reduction in energy consumption and the opportunity for smaller air conditioning equipment.

The type of membranes described as single ply, are flexible sheets of synthetic compound materials manufactured under strict quality controls.

Singly ply systems offer superior resilience, flexibility and durability over other waterproofing systems. Some of the advantages of prefabricated sheets are consistency in quality, application method versatility, thus is implementation is broader. The most common application methods are mechanically fixed and adhered.

In the field of single ply systems, we can find the following distinct main categories: Thermally Stable (EPDM), Thermoplastics (TPO & PVC), Modified bitumen (APP & SBS).

We carry a wide spectrum of solutions regarding single ply membranes with warranties of up to 30 years.