Metallic Roofs

Standing Seam Roof

We have equipment such as cutting edge technology roller machine that enables us to seamlessly install a roll of material regardless of the length. Plus, there is no need to perforate, thanks to the clip clench system thus eliminating risk of leakage. It is possible to substitute old roofs or install over brand new buildings. Insulation can be rigid or fiber glass.

Building Products

As one of the leading architectural product purveyors in the construction industry, Firestone Building Products offers a variety of metallic, sustainable, reliable and environment friendly metallic roofing system options. Available in an array of finishes and colors. Firestone’s metallic roofs allows for maximum design versatility while at the same time being covered by long term Firestone Red Shield Warranty.

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The same engineering and technology Carlisle brought to the Sigle Ply industry is being offered in the field of metallic roofing through the unique “On Demand” program.

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A unique and different option:

Décor is the ideal option for new buildings or already existing ones that need the appearance of a metallic roof while having the same resistance against leakage.

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