About us

Intercubes specializes in the construction industry, indutrial use, comercial or institutional.

We specialize in:

  • Metal Structure design, fabrication and installation
  • Installation of all types of roofing systems
  • Metallic panels on roofs and walls

We are dedicated to offering our customers a level of professionalism and experience without equal in the industry. Intercubes provides its customers a wide array of services and solutions in any type of roofing or metal structure system.

Intercubes also has the experience and knowledge necessary to manage the development of your project, begging from the very design and specification until the last piece has been installed. We are company integrated by a skillful team of professionals committed with quality and services that exceeds your expectations.

Also, we offer the appropriate solution for virtually any water proofing system. Integral water proofing systems such as Single-PLY, EPDM going through Metallic or reflective roofing and liquid aplication.



Intercubes, will be recognized as nationwide leader in its field, offering solutions in roofing and structural systems.


Building a Christ-centered company that is nationally recognized for providing total customer satisfaction, and provide their employees the best working environment, providing opportunities for development and peace for their families.


  • God as the center of our business.
  • Total security for employees and customers.
  • Innovation to be always at the forefront.
  • Friendly and respectful service
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Standing Seam Roof

We have equipment such as cutting edge technology roller machine that enables us to seamlessly install a roll of material regardless of the length. Plus, there is no need to perforate, thanks to the clip clench system thus eliminating risk of leakage. It is possible to substitute old roofs or install over brand new buildings. Insulation can be rigid or fiber glass.

Building Products

As one of the leading architectural product purveyors in the construction industry, Firestone Building Products offers a variety of metallic, sustainable, reliable and environment friendly metallic roofing system options. Available in an array of finishes and colors. Firestone’s metallic roofs allows for maximum design versatility while at the same time being covered by long term Firestone Red Shield Warranty.

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The same engineering and technology Carlisle brought to the Sigle Ply industry is being offered in the field of metallic roofing through the unique “On Demand” program.

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A unique and different option:

Décor is the ideal option for new buildings or already existing ones that need the appearance of a metallic roof while having the same resistance against leakage.

  • Metallic roof esthetics while maintaining the wholesomeness of thermoplastic membrane or Sigle Ply System
  • Design flexibility so you can express your creativity like never before, regardless of the inclination, shape or complexity of the roof
  • Proven performance, long duration and high quality backed by 50 plus years on duty
  • It’s cost is significantly lower, with minimum maintenance requirements

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Membranes for single ply roofs have grown in popularity over the last 30 years due to its flexibility, ease of installation and competitive price. Concern for the environment and an emphasis on energy conservation have become in a key issue, and singly ply membranes offer a great solution: Light color reflective surfaces offer significant reduction in energy consumption and the opportunity for smaller air conditioning equipment.

The type of membranes described as single ply, are flexible sheets of synthetic compound materials manufactured under strict quality controls.

Singly ply systems offer superior resilience, flexibility and durability over other waterproofing systems. Some of the advantages of prefabricated sheets are consistency in quality, application method versatility, thus is implementation is broader. The most common application methods are mechanically fixed and adhered.

In the field of single ply systems, we can find the following distinct main categories: Thermally Stable (EPDM), Thermoplastics (TPO & PVC), Modified bitumen (APP & SBS).

We carry a wide spectrum of solutions regarding single ply membranes with warranties of up to 30 years.

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We are Topcoat/United Coatings, Firestone y Carlisle Syntec certified in Liquid Waterproofing systems installation and products. These systems are highly advanced and reliable for installation on any kind of surface. This system consists of a synthetic and elastic liquid that is easy to apply, specifically designed for metal roof repair and protection. It’s a first choice for many Fortune500 companies due to their critical need to protect their facilities. These systems are capable of protecting your roof for periods of up to ten years, with factory warranty in the U.S.

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Roofs are constantly under attack by climatic phenomena, structural movement and tension, as well as chemical substances present in the atmosphere. Even though normal wearing will occur on any kind of roof surface, small problems derived by negligence, abuse, contamination, errors o accidents can cause costly repairs or even premature failure of the roofing system if not detected on time. A regular routine inspection and maintenance will allow to detect the smallest problem before they become larger thus avoiding interruptions in the company’s operations, and guarding your investment.

The best way to ensure your roof’s longevity is to periodically run inspection and maintenance. With time, dust and other contaminants adhere to the membranes causing it to lose its reflectiveness. To avoid this, pressure washing the membranes periodically by an authorized professional is highly recommended, not just to avoid contaminants but to detect any risk early.

The longevity of a roof depends on three things:

  1. Quality waterproofing system and adequate design
  2. Expert qualified installation
  3. Routine inspections by authorized experts

Our Services:

  • Inspections: We’ll recommend actions to take to preserve your roof’s performance.
  • Maintenance: Canal’s cleaning, BAP and pressure washing.
  • Leak treatment: We fix any kind of leakage on any kind of roofing system.
  • Roofing

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    Manufacturing of any kind of metal structure or concrete project, design per the latest national and international codes.

    Basic project engineering: Light and heavy metal structure design for industrial facilities.

    Detail engineering: Project, design and calculus of structural plans.

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    We have a 16,404 ft2 plant with a capacity of 5,000 tons per year in a single shift. Access to a variety of in stock resource sources in the Mexico and the U.S. that enables us to offer a timely, efficient and low cost support.

    Production capacity and human resources: 220 tons/month of light and heavy metal structure. Our personnel is comprised of 26 administrative employees and 150 production and installation workers.

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    +27 years of experience in the metal structure industry, and a highly qualified staff has allowed us to position ourselves as a leading company in our field.

    Metal Structures

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    Lear Arteaga

    Arteaga, Coah.

    36,200 m2

    Vendor: Firestone Building Products

    System: Ultra-Ply white reinforced 45 mils TPO membrane, mechanically fixed on a 2.0” polyisocyanurate sheet and a 5/8” USG Securock sheet.


    Silao, Gto.

    2,800 M2 TPO

    6,800 M2 Standing seam sheet KR-18

    System: Firestone building product single ply waterproofing and KR-18 standing seam sheet with 3.0” fiber glass.


    Silao, Gto.

    9,867 M2

    System: 60 mils reinforced TPO Ultra-Ply membrane, with two 2.0” and 4.5” polyisocyanurate sheets.


    Silao, Gto.

    4,000 M2

    Vendor: Villacero

    System: System: KR-18 standing seam with 3” fiber glass blanket.


    Cd. Juárez, Chih.

    3,436.20 m2

    Vendor: FIRESTONE

    THICKNESS: 45 mils



    Ciudad Juarez, Chih.

    58,000 M2

    Vendor: Versico

    System: VersiWeld membrane TPO 45 mils, with a single 2.0” polyisocyanurate sheet.


    Pesquería, N.L.

    97,000 M2

    Vendor: Carlisle Syntec

    System: 60 mils reinforced Sure-Weld TPO membrane. Two 1.5” polyisocyanurate sheet, and one 5/8” USG Securock.


    Escobedo, N.L.

    25,000 m2

    Vendor: Firestone Building Products

    System: Ultra-Ply white reinforced 45 mils TPO membrane, mechanically fixed on a 2.0” polyisocyanurate sheet and Lamilux dome system.


    Silao, Gto.

    13,496 M2

    System: 45 mils reinforced TPO Ultra-Ply membrane with a 2.0” polyisocyanurate sheet.


    Irapuato, Gto.

    7,200 M2

    Vendor: Firestone Building Products

    System: Ultra-Ply white reinforced 45 mils TPO membrane, mechanically fixed on a 1.5” polyisocyanurate sheet and SunWave polycarbonate domes.


    Cd. Juárez, Chih.

    9,854.00 m2

    Vendor: FIRESTONE

    THICKNESS TPO: XR 60 mils

    Prologis CJ 13 & 16

    Ciudad Juarez, Chih.

    24,000 M2

    Vendor: Firestone Building Products

    System: Ultra-Ply white reinforced 60 mils TPO membrane, mechanically fixed on a 2.0” polyisocyanurate sheet and SunWave dome system.

    EL PASO, OFFICE Tel. +1 (915) 591-6961